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The International Women’s Day 2023 campaign looks beyond equal opportunities to #EmbraceEquity.  At DataFlow, we believe that success should be equally accessible for all – regardless of gender, background, culture or job role.

We joined in the conversation about what it means for everyone to have equal opportunities and access to success by speaking with our colleagues across the globe. Hear how equity has shaped their journeys – inspiring us to build a fairer future for everyone, no matter where you start in life or who you are!

Meet our team:

  1. Ahed Mustafa
  2. Batool Al Abdelqader
  3. Chatrina Sietereales
  4. Niharika Singhal
  5. Mira El Farra
  6. Hind Ayache

1. Ahed Mustafa – Team Leader – Project Management – Jordan

It’s easy to confuse equity with equality. What is your understanding of equity?

Equality is giving everybody the same opportunity and expecting them to achieve the same result, but equity means giving each person what they require depending on their circumstances. This will assure that we all have a fair chance to reach the same result.

What message would you like to send to women on International Women’s Day?

Never let anyone underestimate you or your ideas. Be strong, believe that you are valued and that you matter to a lot of people.

2. Batool Al Abdelqader – Graphic Designer & Web Developer

How do you embrace equity in your everyday life?

I believe the best way to embrace equity is by helping and supporting others, especially women. Also, by doing my part and creating a fair world. 

What career advice would you give to women?

The most important thing is to keep learning and developing, and the more you do, the closer you are to achieving your dreams. Nothing will get between whatever you want and what you want to achieve. 

3. Chatrina Sietereales – Associate – Applicant Support Team – Philippines

What does gender equity mean to you? 

The first thing that comes to mind is fairness. I think we should all advocate for ourselves in promoting equal opportunities for men and women, especially in workplaces, the community, and our homes. Being a woman should not lessen your chance to prove that you can make things possible. We should not only address a person by their gender but instead by their ability and their contributions. 

What’s your message to women on International Women’s Day?

I want to thank all women for being the woman that you are. You deserve to be treated fair and given the same opportunity as everyone else. Women are strong-built individuals. We are driven, passionate, ambitious, and capable of making things possible. Don’t let others tell you what you can and cannot do. If you want to change, we cannot just sit around and wait. 

4. Niharika Singhal – Team Leader – Verification Team – India

How do you think we can all embrace gender equity?

It is not about making women strong – It is about changing the way the world perceives that strength. It’s very important to show how powerful a woman is, which can lead to a successful and supportive nation. A multicultural work environment is also good to express values and show support. But, timely talk shows, campaigns or releases should be part of the plan. 

What message would you like to send to women on International Women’s Day?

This quotation from Michelle Obama – “There is no limit to what we as women can accomplish. Just be yourself, and keep the self-motivation in your mind that you can do it. Remember, a strong woman stands up for herself, but a stronger woman stands up for everyone else in the world.”

5. Mira El Farra – Partner Success Manager – Dubai, UAE

How has gender equity benefited you at DataFlow?

When I was contacted for this position at DataFlow, I was pregnant, but when I had my interviews, nobody knew. Before I signed the offer, I contacted HR and told her that I was pregnant. I didn’t know what to expect because usually there will be additional expenses for the company, or they will be afraid that I won’t be on time. But they got back to me saying of course there’s no problem with you being pregnant, and you’re welcome. There was no discrimination and I really appreciated this. 

What message would you like to send to women on International Women’s Day?

I just want to tell all women to be strong, be independent, be themselves and don’t settle for less. And always know your value because you deserve the best thing in the world. 

6. Hind Ayache – HR Manager – Dubai, UAE

How do you embrace equity? 

In organizations, I want to be treated because I’m a performer. But, if I were to have an issue or a matter come to light that is specific to my gender or to me as a woman, I would like the matter to be treated as such. I appreciate an environment that supports and provides flexibility for a woman or a female performer. So, it’s more of individualized ’people treatment’ according to their performance, requirements, and expectations, whether a woman or a man.

What key message would you like to send to women in celebration of International Women’s Day?

Walk proudly. You have a lot to bring to the table. You are in control of every conversation as much as the other person, and you are where you are because of the things you have gone through, the fights you’ve fought, and your talent and skills. 

The DataFlow Group is committed to #EmbraceEquity this International Women’s Day and beyond!

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