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Since its establishment, the DataFlow Group has been entrusted by governments, regulators, organizations and Fortune 500 companies worldwide to provide discreet, timely and accurate screening solutions that support them in making sound, fact-based HR decisions. As a result, today, we annually conduct hundreds of thousands of screening and verification transactions, all tailored to the requirements of the organisations we work with, from ministries, immigration departments, professional licensing authorities and public sector organisations to healthcare, engineering, education, oil and gas, banking and commercial institutions.

To confirm the accuracy and authenticity of academic, professional and legal credentials presented by applicants, the DataFlow Group carries out Primary Source Verification (PSV) – an advanced screening process that involves liaising directly with original issuing sources, irrespective of potential language, region or country barriers. Verified documents include, but are not limited to, education degrees, work permits, passports, employment certificates and practice licenses, among others.

TrueProfile.io provides an online platform that connects applicants and employers. Our members can use our secure portal to upload and verify their documents and data, allowing them to keep their TrueProofs as a form of portable credentials. Business partners can then view potential employees’ credentials, saving valuable time in the hiring process.

Alternatively, the DataFlow Group also leverages multiple verification solutions and platforms to further complement its robust PSV process. These comprise the below:

CrossCheck is an extensive global online risk database that helps public and private entities receiving applications make informed decisions regarding their candidates, through specialised datasets that encompass Diploma Mills and Unaccredited Institues, Medial Risk and Professionals’ Misconduct Risk lists.
A secure web platform that assists Issuing Authorities (IAs) to simplify the processes to verify educational qualifications, professional licenses and employment documents through a seamless online system and intuitive user interface. With its core competencies in primary source verification (PSV) combined with a strong global footprint, DigiFlow combats the rising trend of forged qualification or employment documents and education scams.
A hybrid mechanism involving an advanced technology and a pro team analysing content across social media, basis ten core business-related risk indicators including hate & discriminatory behaviour or illegal activity

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