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Thank you for considering DataFlow as your partner in the verification process for Ministry of Manpower Singapore (MOM) applications. Our industry-leading risk management services have been in collaboration with the Ministry for over a decade. We specialize in Primary Source Verification of credentials, providing you with the highest standard of verification to support your work pass applications.

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Why choose DataFlow?

DataFlow is the global standard for Primary Source Verification. Our verified credentials are a requirement for employment pass applications, and we adhere to the detailed requirements and conditions shared by the Ministry. 

Our online portal offers the ideal application process with proper steps. It is easy, simple and intuitive. Once the application is submitted, you can track its progress using the case number. Click here to learn more.


The Pay and Go Model

Ready to initiate the verification process? Find comprehensive support material, FAQs, and step-by-step guidance on how to apply on the left. Once you’re comfortable with the process, click “Apply Now” to access our application portal. You can sign up as an ‘Employer’ to submit cases on behalf of your employees.


Required Documents

The documents needed for verification depend on your MOM application. Our intelligent system will guide you on additional requirements if necessary. The essential documents include:

  1. Clear scan of the education credential
  2. Letter of authorization signed by the Candidate
  3. Clear scan of the personal page of the candidate’s passport
  4. Supporting documents for any name changes
Country of Origin

No matter where your documents originate from, we offer verification of education and employment certificates for MOM applications.


Process Overview and Timelines

Our Primary Source Verification process involves reaching out to the authorized representatives of the issuing authorities for document verification. Processing time varies depending on their response. With our massive network of more than 160,000 Issuing Authorities, using our robust verification methodologies & cutting edge technologies, and wide network we verify the document from the issuing source.



Region (Country coverage)

Price / Price ranges

Time taken to verify:

  1. Worldwide authentication of the education qualification presented, and
  2. Accreditation status of the institution

SGD 150.12 w/GST

(SGD 139 w/o GST)

3 – 21 working days

Worldwide authentication of the education qualification presented

SGD 113.40 w/GST

(SGD 105 w/o GST)

3 – 21 working days

Upgrade of any current report to the new MOM standard

SGD 70.20 w/GST

(SGD 65 w/o GST)

5 working days

Should you have any questions or require assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team at

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