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Creating a promising and sustainable future​

DataFlow’s mission has always been to Protect Communities. To achieve this, our social responsibility initiatives are systematic, progressive, and focused on creating a more sustainable world. 

To realize our ambitious goals, our dedicated team has fostered an inclusive environment that empowers and enables us to take actions and benefit societies globally. We are committed to building a portfolio of initiatives that create a resilient environment – be it through funding communities who need support, reducing our own carbon footprint,  engaging in environmental campaigns or even ensuring equal opportunities and preventing discrimination in the workplace.

This is how we work towards our vision of a better world that enriches all of our communities:

  • Philanthropy: Funding surgical operations for underprivileged children as well as other initiatives to assist youth. 
  • Community Volunteering: Donations and employee initiatives that positively impact communities and the environment.
  • Reducing Carbon Footprint: The substitution of single-use plastic with sustainable alternatives, such as glass, in all offices, creating a paperless working environment, saving paper by reducing printed material and relying completely on digital communication.
  • Equal Opportunity: DataFlow is an equal opportunities employer and is committed to diversity, equality, and providing a safe and productive environment that fosters open dialogue and the open expression of ideas, free of harassment, discrimination and hostile conduct. 

Our Initiatives

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