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Welcome to our blog series, DataFlow Voices! In this series, we feature one-on-one interviews with our team members from around the globe. Get to know our team, learn about their experiences and find out what it’s like working at DataFlow.

Meet Alice Ando, HR Manager for our office in the Philippines. Alice’s key responsibilities include developing and implementing HR strategies and initiatives amongst employees at the Manila office.

Find out what achievements Alice is particularly proud of at DataFlow, what values drive her professional life and how her mantra helps her develop feelings of gratitude. 

Please introduce yourself to our readers.

My name is Alice Ando and I joined the DataFlow office in the Philippines in 2017.  I have been a Human Resource Practitioner for over 18 years now. Outside of work, I am a Juris Doctor student, a wife and a mother of two by heart. I love dealing with people and touching their lives.

How would you describe a typical day as the HR Manager at DataFlow Group, Philippines?

Aside from working with and collaborating with people regarding HR initiatives, my typical day as an HR Manager includes visiting the operations and support offices to meet and speak with our employees. 

What do you value most about the DataFlow Group’s impact on our customers, clients and mission?

The DataFlow Group is a channel for attaining its clients’ core business goals by ensuring the competence and qualifications of the people serving them. I am privileged to work in a company that has a direct impact on protecting communities.

How do you think the DataFlow Group makes the world better?

In our world where fraud exists, the DataFlow Group is ensures that such risk is reduced or eliminated, specifically in the healthcare industry. This secures people’s chances of getting a better medical service. Patients are more likely to return to their families safe and healthy. I believe that a world where no one needs to lose a loved one due to medical malpractice is a better place. A world is better when someone feels secure that their family is in the hands of a competent medical professional.

What are your top tips for succeeding in your career?

For me, thinking and doing what I can contribute comes first. To be able to do so, choosing the right battle is important – it saves a lot of energy. I focus on what I can control and be grateful for the chance to learn and improve for the ones that I can’t.

How do you like to begin your day?

I normally end my day unloading anything that does not feel good. On the other hand, I like starting my day by filling myself with gratitude and hopes for the day. After that self-care, I am ready to catch- up with my loved ones, which I like doing as I start my day.

What’s your personal mantra and where did it originate from?

“I should treat people how I want to be treated by them” comes first when I think of my personal mantras. While it is easier to treat people the way they treat you, I am trying my best to treat people well. This originated from the Greatest Teacher in my faith and I always heard this from my father when he was still alive.

In my career, on the other hand, my late father taught me that “I must not bite the hands that feed me”. This mantra brings the feeling of gratitude, and from gratitude, the desire to be of service. 

What is something you’re particularly proud to have achieved at the DataFlow Group?

I love touching lives, whether in a small or big way. I am proud that my employment in the DataFlow Group allows me to do that both within the company and in my personal life. There are several CSR programs in the company that impact diverse sectors of society. When I see employees grow in their careers and personal lives, those are proud moments for me too. 

What are your key responsibilities?

My key responsibilities as an HR Manager are developing and implementing HR strategies and initiatives. I lead the general HR operations in the Philippines in a generalist role. 

How important do you think taking care of one’s mental health is?

Mental health and well-being, when prioritized, can avoid several ill effects in a person’s life. The ability of an individual to cope with challenges is oftentimes dependent on their mental health. Healthy relationships, a collaborative attitude, hopeful mindset, among others, are just a few benefits of prioritizing mental health.

How do you achieve a good work-life balance?

Work-life balance for me is a product of knowing my priorities. I achieve a good work-life balance by consciously enjoying both work and other aspects of my life. I also ensure that I don’t blend the challenges I face in my personal life with work and vice versa. 

Finally, something we’d never guess about you?

I grew up in the province, so climbing trucks, hills, and trees excites me!

Stay tuned to our DataFlow Voices blog series to hear more from DataFlow colleagues like Alice Ando about their career journeys, what it’s really like working at the DataFlow Group, and what they value most about their impact on our organization, customers, clients and mission.

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