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Welcome to our blog series, DataFlow Voices! In this series, we feature one-on-one interviews with our team members from around the globe. Get to know our team, learn about their experiences and find out what it’s like working at DataFlow.

Meet Rafi Hattar, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of the DataFlow Group. Rafi is based out of our Dubai office and is well-versed in establishing key strategic priorities and translating them into a comprehensive strategic plan, that spans the capabilities of the DataFlow Group across the world.

Find out what achievements our CCO is particularly proud of at DataFlow, what values drive his professional life and the best career advice he ever received!

Hi Rafi! Can you introduce yourself to our readers, please? 

I’m an optimist that is always looking to make a positive impact. Career-wise, for the past 25 years, I have focused on growth, relationship building, expanding, and creating new business. Outside work, I’m a father of three boys and am passionate about music, sports and history.

How did you first get into sales, marketing and strategic planning?

My educational background is in electrical engineering but after I graduated, I was drawn to roles where I could interact with people and create value by introducing solutions and new ideas. Based on that, I took on sales and business development roles. I went on to do an MBA in business and expanded my experience in marketing, strategic planning, human capital development and other areas. I grew into leadership roles leading business teams and managing growth in several sectors and regions.

What drew you to a career at the DataFlow Group?

DataFlow is a growing company that provides a valuable contribution to communities worldwide. I am proud to be in a position where I can be a key contributor to this growth. 

What is something you’re particularly proud of that you’ve achieved at the DataFlow Group?

I’m proud to have built a strong team focused on growth and serving clients. During the pandemic, we did a splendid job supporting our healthcare partners and we were part of several important initiatives. Not only that, we also signed significant partnerships that contribute to the growth and development of DataFlow and the journey toward continued success. 

How do you think the DataFlow Group makes the world a better place? 

DataFlow partners with the organizations that supervise and regulate the jobs and services that directly affect people’s lives, where we safeguard the well-being of our communities by helping our partners to select and license highly qualified professionals as well as preventing fraudulent and incompetent people from causing damage or loss to organizations or the individuals that they work with.   

What are the values that drive you in your professional life? 

Hard work, integrity and passion for what you do.

Where are we most likely to find you outside of work? 

With my family.

How do you like to begin your day? 

Beginning my morning with exercise really sets me up for a productive day. 

What are your thoughts on mental health support in the workplace?

Mental health is not a cliche; employers need to give it much more attention. People are increasingly subjected to stress and pressure to deliver while simultaneously catering to the growing needs of their families or selves. Work-life balance is very important and helps to prevent burnout.

How do you achieve a good work-life balance?

I like to spend my free time with family and not bring work-related issues home. Sport is an excellent way for me to relieve any stress. In addition to that, I enjoy unwinding by listening to music and I try to eat healthy, when possible, even though it’s not an easy job!

What is the best career advice you received?

Good ideas are not enough. Implementation is what counts.

Can you tell us a fun fact about you? 

I play guitar, love classic rock and have attended many live rock band concerts.

Describe yourself in 3 words. 

Positive, ambitious and calm.

Stay tuned to our DataFlow Voices blog series to hear more from DataFlow colleagues like Rafi Hattar about their career journeys, what it’s really like working at the DataFlow Group, and what they value most about their impact on our organization, customers, clients and mission.

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