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The DataFlow Group conducts Primary Source Verification (PSV) by directly approaching the Issuing Authorities that issued the document to confirm its authenticity. The process also includes confirming the accreditation of the issuing authority and other details required by the regulator that also requires verification. 

It depends on the regulator or organization that you are applying under and the type of package, but as a rule, you will need to submit the complete, clear, and readable scanned copy of the following:

  1. Passport copy
  2. Copies of the documents that need to be verified, such as:
    • Educational degrees
    • Professional qualifications
    • Academic transcript
    • Employment Certificate
    • Health license(s)
    • Good standing certificate
  3. A name change certificate (if your name on any of the documents differs from the name on your passport.)

Note: Some Issuing Authorities may seek specific additional documents and/or information required for verification. In this case, an associate from the DataFlow Group team will be in contact with you for any additional requirements

A Letter of Authorization (LOA) is a mandatory requirement that provides permission to the DataFlow Group to conduct the verification process. You can digitally sign our Letter of Authorization (LOA) when you submit your application online. 

Note: Some Issuing Authorities may require a manually signed LOA. The requirements will reflect on our online portal when you specify the name of the authority to which you are applying. If you do not provide a manually signed LOA, an associate from our team will contact you to arrange a manual signing. 

PSV fees and costs vary depending on the verification package you select, as well as the number of additional documents that need to be verified. The fees will be displayed once you choose the verification package you need to purchase. 

Note: Some issuing authorities may require an additional fee to release the verification to you. If your issuing authority requires additional payment, you will find the details on the screen upon selecting the issuing authority from the drop-down menu, along with instructions on whether the Issuing Authority fee can be paid through the DataFlow portal or directly with the issuing authority.

The DataFlow Group does not require document attestation/apostilling for Primary Source Verification (PSV). Simply make sure that the scanned copies of your documents are clear and complete to ensure the timely processing of your application. Moreover, the DataFlow Group does not require translated copies or physical copies of your documents.

However, your recruiter or regulator might require some originals or attestations; hence we recommend you check the requirements directly with the recruiter/regulator.  

The standard time frame for completing the verification is usually between 15 to 25 working days from the date of payment and submission of a complete set of documents. However, in certain instances, like an incomplete submission with missing documents from an applicant, a late response from the issuing authorities, or unavoidable incidents such as conflicts, strikes, natural disasters, and so on, the verification process may be delayed. 

Note: Always make sure you submit accurate and valid information, as well as clear and uncut copies of the required documents, to avoid unnecessary delays.

All relevant details and documents must be submitted at the time of application. Anything submitted at a later stage will be subject to additional fees and will delay your final report.

Once your payment is settled, and your application is submitted successfully, you will receive an auto-generated email from notifications@dataflowgroup.com. After submitting your application, you will also receive your DataFlow Case Number, which will be provided in your confirmation email. 

Note: If you made a payment but did not receive a confirmation, please submit a support request on our support page, and our team will be happy to assist you.

Go to www.dataflowstatus.com and enter your DataFlow Case Number and Passport Number. The page will give you full visibility on the status of each document and will allow you to download your report once ready. 

If you don’t know your DataFlow reference, you may search by client reference number, which is your unique number under the regulator you are applying for.

Yes, and this will save you time and money, especially if the documents verified previously meet the requirements of the regulator you are applying for. 

You can opt for the “Report Re-issuance” or “Report transfer” options on our online portals and follow the instructions.

Once your PSV application is complete, we will send an email notification to your registered email ID and share a final report with your regulator.

You could subscribe to our SMS notification service for an additional fee, which will keep you informed at every stage of the application.

You can download your report at www.dataflowstatus.com by simply entering your DataFlow Case Number and passport number.

You must submit a refund request within 48 hours from the date of payment of the Primary Source Verification Fee to DataFlow Group. If you paid extra or paid more than once, click here to submit a support request, quoting your DataFlow Case Number and evidence of the payment made.

Yes. You can request a one-time re-verification of your document free of charge by raising an ‘Appeal’. An Appeal is when an applicant disagrees with the outcome of the report (i.e., Discrepancy/Unable To Verify) generated by DataFlow after completing the verification process and, therefore, wants to re-verify the same documents that they submitted in their application.

Note: There are additional charges if the re-verification is requested for an Unable to Verify report due to additional information requirements needing to be fulfilled (for example, if the applicant did not provide us with the documents/details required to obtain a verification).

You can now directly submit your Appeal request within 180 days of completion of your Unable To Verify or Discrepancy report.

  • Visit www.dataflowstatus.com 
  • Enter your DataFlow Case number and registered passport number
  • Click on “File an Appeal” and submit your request by uploading the supporting document or by adding information
  • If you are not eligible for an Appeal, then a message will appear on your screen with a reason for ineligibility

If you still need clarity or have any concerns regarding the eligibility of your Appeal submission, you may submit a support request on our support page

Click here to submit your request, quoting your DataFlow Case Number or Reference Number. The DataFlow Group team will assist you there.

Or feel free to contact our team via WhatsApp at +971 50 349 4337.

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