The DataFlow Group Reports a 34% Increase in UAE Healthcare Applicants in 2022

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The DataFlow Group has reported a 34% increase in the number of healthcare applicants seeking roles in the UAE in 2022, demonstrating the country’s resilience and continued focus on establishing itself as a global healthcare hub. This increase makes the UAE one of the top countries in terms of healthcare candidate applications in the GCC, which saw a 29% increase in applicants during the same period.

The DataFlow Group provides primary source verification (PSV) services and authenticates important employment documents including academic degrees, employment certificates, professional licenses, work permits and passports, through its global network of over 160,000 universities, licensing bodies and issuing authorities for healthcare talent. PSV guarantees professionals have accurate and genuine academic, professional and legal credentials essential to employment opportunities in key sectors. The DataFlow Group specialises in PSV and mitigates the potential risk of fraudulent employment applications to create safer communities in the UAE, working alongside global governments, regulators, and public and private organisations.

According to the International Trade Administration, the UAE’s 2022 federal budget dedicated 8.4 percent of its US$15.8 billion budget to healthcare, which is integral in attracting healthcare talent to the country. The focus and funding of the healthcare sector will continue as part of the UAE’s Vision 2040, and the country aims to be one of the top global destinations for healthcare services to support the needs of the growing population and position itself as a regional medical tourism hub. According to the Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Centre, the number of medical professionals in the UAE has increased by 36% over the past ten years. Despite this significant increase, there is still demand for healthcare professionals in the UAE to support the growing number of hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and other healthcare facilities.

Rafi Hattar, the DataFlow Group’s CCO, confirms the healthcare industry in the UAE is attracting a larger pool of talent. “Healthcare is the DataFlow Group’s largest sector for PSV. Since 2020, the number of applications we have verified has increased by 76%, despite a decrease in international applications during the pandemic due to travel, which is a testament to the industry’s growth in the UAE.

“We strive to support the UAE’s vision of becoming a leading global healthcare hub and provide our PSV services to healthcare industry applicants worldwide. The UAE is one of the most popular employment destinations for healthcare professionals, mainly due to its strong healthcare infrastructure, modern hospitals and continuous improvement and development plans, in line with the government’s strategies for growth.”

Hattar concluded: “The UAE is at the forefront of exponential growth in the healthcare industry on a global scale. The developments we will see in the next few years will further cement the country’s vision of providing access to the world’s best healthcare services and medical professionals.”

The International Trade Administration reports almost 70% of the UAE’s 4,000 healthcare facilities are internationally accredited. In line with the UAE Vision 2040, this number will increase to further position the country as a global medical hub, as will the number of healthcare professionals to work in them. The importance of medical facilities employing qualified and vetted healthcare workers is integral to supporting the sector’s growth in the next two decades. One method, which is the adopted standard among UAE Healthcare regulators is PSV, a proven advanced screening method that aids in the employment process of professionals in critical sectors, including healthcare.

According to the International Trade Administration, there are opportunities for the UAE to strengthen the healthcare industry by focusing on sub-sectors, including pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, healthcare information technology, and education and research. Plans to manufacture medical equipment and pharmaceuticals locally, enhance tele-based healthcare options such as virtual hospitals, and grow medical training institutions and training facilities, will strengthen the UAE’s plans to become one of the world’s best healthcare hubs.

The development of the healthcare industry supports the UAE’S Centennial 2071 Plan which aims to position the country as the best in the world by 2071 in line with being one of the world’s leading healthcare hubs. The long-term vision spans five decades and aims to provide future generations with the necessary skills and knowledge for the UAE to excel. To reach this goal, the UAE continues to focus its efforts on improving key sectors, such as healthcare, education, transport, and tourism and will need suitable professionals to service these sectors in the coming years.

About The Author

  • Rafi Hattar

    Rafi Hattar is the Chief Commercial Officer at the DataFlow Group. He has over 20 years of rich experience in Sales and Business Development and has worked with top Engineering Software Solution firms like Bentley Systems, Aveva Solutions, and Hexagon as a Business leader. An engineer who also holds an MBA degree from the University of Leicester in the UK, Rafi leads the Commercial division at DataFlow, where he establishes the key strategic priorities and translates them into a comprehensive strategic plan, that spans the capabilities of the DataFlow Group across the globe.

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