New Primary Source Verification Service Combats Fraud in Applications for Work or Study

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Dubai, 21 June 2017: The DataFlow Group – a leading global provider of specialised Primary Source Verification (PSV) solutions, and background screening and immigration compliance services – has signed a partnership agreement with UK NARIC – the UK National Recognition Information Centre – the United Kingdom’s designated national agency responsible for providing data, information and expert advice on global qualifications and skills.

The new partnership will make available Primary Source Verification (PSV) to UK NARIC member organisations should they require secure verifications of the applications they receive.

The PSV service will assist in authenticating the credentials of overseas students and professionals applying to study or work; an added feature to recognition of international qualifications. The service will enable UK NARIC members to mitigate concerns particularly when recruiting from high-risk markets that have a greater incidence of fraud.

The PSV service features an online document upload process and provides a written verification report detailing the results of the verification, which can be used as audit trail evidence to support admissions decisions or as part of compliance record-keeping.

Aiman Shehabi, Chief Commercial Officer of the DataFlow Group, commented: “By extending our PSV service to UK NARIC members, not only are we helping them make informed admissions and recruitment choices, but we are also contributing to the implementation of robust verification programmes throughout the UK and Europe. We look forward to seeing this new partnership with UK NARIC grow, and are confident it will yield positive outcomes for the community and all involved parties.”

Paul Norris, Deputy Managing Director of UK NARIC, said: “Educational fraud and fraudulent applications for work and study are a growing problem that has serious consequences for institutions and the safety of our society as a whole. PSV processes can be an invaluable step in rooting out problem applications, and can mitigate concerns with high-risk markets. The DataFlow Group is well-placed to offer PSV across a wide geographical area, and we are pleased to offer this added feature for the benefit of UK NARIC members.”

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