DataFlow Accelerates Engineers Verification for Kuwait Society of Engineers with AI

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The President of the Kuwait Society of Engineers, Faisal Al-Atel, has announced the development of a mechanism to verify the qualifications of non-Kuwaiti engineers seeking employment in Kuwait.

He highlighted the launch of a new verification service utilizing artificial intelligence in collaboration with the DataFlow Group.

This announcement came during a working visit by Faisal Al-Atel to the regional headquarters of DataFlow in Dubai. During the visit, he met with DataFlow’s CEO, Sunil Kumar; CCO, Rafi Hatar; Regional Sales Director, Khaled Talib Drouza; and Director of Government Relations and Partnerships, Hamid Jasim Al Ali.

“We have discussed with our partners at DataFlow the development of verification mechanisms, expediting their processes, and streamlining the time required through modern technology. The new service relies on artificial intelligence and is an extension of the existing partnership between the Kuwait Society of Engineers and DataFlow.”

Faisal Al-Atel, President of the Kuwait Society of Engineers

The President of the Kuwait Society of Engineers affirmed the commitment to continuous improvement of services provided by the association in professional accreditation for non-Kuwaiti engineers wishing to work in Kuwait. He added that they are preparing to launch a conference on developing professional practices, with certificate verification being one of its focal points, supported by DataFlow.

Faisal Al-Atel pointed out that service recipients will notice a significant improvement in the coming days. He mentioned the launch of a dedicated call center to expedite responses to verification requests and the expansion and development of work processes using technological advancements to overcome any obstacles in the verification process and contribute to authenticating all verified qualifications, as well as addressing qualifications that verification couldn’t confirm or that are deemed untrue.

He emphasized their support for sharing this experience and collaborating with DataFlow on all interested parties in Kuwait, particularly highlighting that it does not impose any financial burden on the state.

The President of the Kuwait Society of Engineers appreciated the existing partnership with DataFlow and their efforts in verifying over 12,000 engineering qualifications submitted for membership in the past two years.

Faisal Al-Atel expressed hope for further development in this partnership with DataFlow, noting their competence and diligence in conducting verifications according to international standards. He highlighted DataFlow’s global presence, with over a thousand employees worldwide, operating in most Gulf Arab countries, and contributing to reducing certificate forgery without imposing any financial burdens. He expressed the hope that they continue to advance and meet the verification requirements for engineering and non-engineering qualifications in Kuwait.

In response, Sunil Kumar highly praised the cooperation with the Kuwait Society of Engineers, acknowledging the association’s provision of the necessary infrastructure for verification operations and its responsiveness to development and staying abreast of global qualification verification updates.

Sunil Kumar welcomed the partnership to organize a conference dedicated to professional practices, with certificate verification as one of its focal points, aiming to inform all parties in Kuwait about the accomplishments in this field through collaboration with the association.

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