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How to Confirm an Official Report

To ensure that the DataFlow Group verification report you have received is official – whether you are an individual applicant, client facility or government regulator – simply go through the below steps. Official reports issued by the DataFlow Group each carry a QR code encrypted and decrypted via a proprietary app developed by a trusted independent third party technology partner; Qryptal. Scanning the QR code does not require online connectivity.

Sample report verified by the DataFlow Group:

We have created a step-by-step guide that allows you to confirm that a report is valid and has not been tampered with using the Qryptal app:


Download the Qryptal app via the App Store or Google Play. No account signup is required; simply install and start using the app.


Using your smartphone, open the Qryptal app and focus your camera on the QR code displayed on the report.


The Qryptal app will automatically scan the QR code and provide a link from the result of the scan, as per the below image:


Compare your DataFlow Group report with the results of the Qryptal app scan.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is report-3-1-1024x330.png

If all listed details match, the DataFlow Group report is official.


If there is a discrepancy between the details listed on the DataFlow Group report and the Qryptal app, the QR code and report are not official.

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