CDA and the DataFlow Group Sign Agreement to Enhance Social Professional’s Licensing Procedures

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CDA aims to have a comprehensive framework for the licensing of social professionals in Dubai to improve the quality of social services. 

The Community Development Authority (CDA), signed today a service agreement with the DataFlow Group, the company specialized in providing primary source verification services for professional certificates and official documents. The agreement aims at facilitating audit procedures for the certificates and the licenses of aspiring professionals who wish to obtain a license from CDA to practice within the social services sector in Dubai. 

This comes within CDA’s framework to complete the professional and social licensing system in the emirate, to ensure clear and integrated procedures for workers in the field, and to improve the quality of social services provided to the most vulnerable groups in the emirate.

Dr. Omar Al-Muthanna, CEO of Licensing & Monitoring Sector, and Sunil Kumar, CEO of the DataFlow Group signed the agreement at the CDA headquarters.

As an outcome of this successful 10 year partnership the renewed agreement granted DataFlow the full responsibility for verifying all official documents, which include academic certificates and professional licenses from previous employers, and manages all the communication with the candidates to provide the documents necessary to complete the audit and will notify CDA with the result of the application. The DataFlow Group will also provide reports that include the final result of each transaction separately, while providing the report on the company’s website to be available to CDA and the applicant at any time.

Dr. Omar Al-Muthanna stated that this agreement comes within the framework of an integrated series and measures taken by CDA to regulate the social sector in Dubai. Additionally, this will  provide a clear and integrated platform for social workers that facilitates obtaining the required licenses to work, and at the same time ensures the quality and competitiveness of such service providers. 

“We are pleased to cooperate with DataFlow, the company that has significant experience in verifying official documents from their original source, and is considered a reliable and credible body in the UAE. We expect that this step will contribute to improving licensing procedures for social professionals and achieving the integration we seek to improve the quality of social services,” he added.

Mr. Sunil Kumar said, ““We are proud to work with the Community Development Authority, and to play our part in supporting the measures to improve the quality of social work in the emirate. We will ensure that our company’s long experience and expertise in this field will help speed up the licensing process for social professionals and make them more confident to enter the labor market.”

CDA previously signed an agreement with the British University in Dubai to develop a program to qualify the social professionals’ assistants who wish to be licensed to practice social care professions; the step contributes to raising the standards of social services and completing the capacity building system in the social services sector.

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