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Want to pursue a career as a medical practitioner in the United Kingdom? If yes, you should understand the General Medical Council (GMC) registration requirements. The UK is diverse and multicultural, welcoming overseas doctors of all grades and experience. But to practice medicine in the UK, you must hold a registration with a license to practice. 

In this blog, we provide an overview of the registration process for overseas doctors and the documents you will need to support your application. Plus, we share tips to ensure successful gmc registration. 

Things You Should Know Before You Apply

What’s the General Medical Council (GMC)?

The GMC has set the standard for medical education and training in the UK since 1858. They decide who is qualified to work as a doctor, ensuring they meet the standards necessary to keep patients safe.

The online register holds information for all Doctors in the UK and includes information such as their registration type and training. Doctors can only carry out duties such as prescribing medicine or treating patients in the UK if they are registered and licensed.

Do I need to find a job in the UK before applying to the register?

Overseas doctors can hold a GMC registration without a license to show they follow the GMC’s principles and standards of good medical practice. It’s worth checking job opportunities before applying to join the UK medical register. You can search for job opportunities on the, or the sites listed below;

The Medical Licensing Assessment (MLA)

From 2024, overseas doctors who wish to practice in the UK must pass the Medical Licensing Assessment (MLA) to join the medical register. The MLA will test their core knowledge, skills, and behaviors, ensuring they are fully prepared to provide the best healthcare to patients. 

This move will improve the overall quality of healthcare in the UK and provide patients with peace of mind knowing that their doctors have the knowledge and skills to do their job. This requirement will also apply to medical students graduating from UK universities from the academic year 2024-25.

Applying to the GMC Medical Register

Practitioners must follow specific steps when applying for GMC registration. Before starting your application, read the GMC guidance to learn more about the application process and ensure you meet all the requirements.

How you apply will depend on your experience and qualifications. The most common registration types include provisional, full, specialist, and GP. GMC has created a handy tool to determine which application is right for you. 

Evidence Needed When Applying for GMC Registration

All applicants must provide evidence to support their application when applying for GMC registration. Evidence includes;

1. Proof of your English language skills 

Doctors wishing to practice in the UK may be asked to provide evidence of their proficiency. There are many benefits of English fluency within the healthcare industry. For patients to receive the highest quality care possible, a good command of English is crucial to ensure their safety. 

2. Evidence of your fitness to practice

Additionally, to assess your fitness to practice, GMC looks at your postgraduate medical experience, non-medical experience, and other relevant activities from the past 5 years. In some cases, they may even ask for employer references or certificates of good standing from previous medical regulatory authorities you’ve been registered or licensed with. 

3. Primary Source Verification (PSV)

All overseas doctors with non-UK medical qualifications must have their primary medical qualification and other documents independently verified before GMC can grant registration with a license to practice. 

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Tips To Successfully Complete Your Application Process

Ready to register to become a doctor in the UK? When completing the application for GMC registration, follow these tips to ensure a smooth process. 

1. Read the guidance

Before diving in, check out GMC’s guides to understand what it’s like to work as a doctor in the UK, the high standards you will need to meet, and what information they may request during the process. 

2. Gather all your documents 

After reviewing the guides, gather all the original documents you will need, including your qualifications, experiences, and certification. Being prepared will help make the application process easy and stress-free.

3. Be honest

When you submit your online application to the GMC, you must declare that all information provided is true. You are responsible for checking that the information and evidence provided are genuine, accurate, and verifiable by background check companies. Failure to do so can lead to the refusal of your application. 

4. Complete all the sections

Fill out all sections of the application form correctly and accurately to avoid delays. This includes providing all necessary documents and information requested in the application. 

5. Complete your verification early

Primary Source Verification (PSV) is a mandatory step in the registration process, and it can take up to 35 days to get your report. GMC only keeps applications open for 90 days, so give yourself lots of time to complete your PSV. 

Final Words

Congratulations on taking the first step towards your dream career as a medical practitioner in the UK! Applying and registering with the General Medical Council (GMC) may seem daunting, but we’ve got you covered. Follow our guide and tips to complete your GMC registration, and you’ll be a registered medical practitioner in the UK in no time. Good luck!

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