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For years, The DataFlow Group has focussed on what matters most when it comes to it’s premium Primary Source Verification products. Proving whether someone is safe, reputable and trustworthy enough to work in high-risk roles within your organisation has been at the root of our processes and our key focal point, overseen by some of the industry’s leading governance of reliable and secure data handling.

And now we’re introducing a new level of focus to the entire experience of using DataFlow’s products with our new Zest User Interface (UI). We’re embarking on a completely new look and feel for all of our products that will start to be introduced in 2022 to our new applicant and client portals.

Introducing Zest UI

Zest UI has been designed from the ground up to be an emotional connection with our technical platforms.. Every data element we collect, every document we ask for, every entry that we request – every single one has been re-evaluated to ensure we only collect what we absolutely need in order to seamlessly move our applicants through the application process as fast and as simply as possible.

Zest UI builds on specific elements that include the following as core principles:


“Swipe left” movement through the panels to ensure the feel and flow through the process is consistent and becomes familiar.


Minimal, related data elements on each panel with a “keep it simple” approach. We took decluttering to the max and have ensured that each screen asks for no more than 5 data elements.


Active panel derivation based on previous inputs to ensure we only ask for what’s relevant based on prior input. Each new panel is built and rendered on the fly using beautiful graphics with carefully thought-through colour sequences to make the process as painless and easy as possible.


Persistent tracking and presentation of cost for clarity and awareness - no surprises at the checkout!


Easy tracking of progress - stop and come back any time to complete and know exactly what you still need to do to complete.

If it doesn't bring you joy…

Not only are these design elements being combined into the new design, but we’re taking this opportunity to take the thousands of lines of programming code from our existing portals and throw them away! Given we’re starting the design from ground-up, it also made complete sense to start the  application development from ground-up using the latest development concepts and languages fit for this decade and the next.

By recreating the entire process from scratch, it gave us an opportunity to rethink the architecture to ensure resilience and reliability are foundations of the new platform. Along with this redevelopment comes a massive speed increase to enable rapid movement through the process with minimal delays related to screen refreshes and wait-times.


The Zest UI interface will eventually make its way across the entire Enterprise platform that DataFlow provides. All portals and touch-points for clients, applicants, agencies and consumers of our services will eventually see the benefits of our new interface which will ensure consistency across the fleet of products and services, and we are very much looking forward to bringing you this completely new experience.

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