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Meet Youssef Mokdad, a Lebanese Nurse Educator who recently moved to Qatar to work overseas.

With DataFlow’s VIP Virtual Assistance Service, Youssef was able to verify his employment and education certificates in just two days. Not only were his documents approved promptly, but the entire process surpassed his expectations.

Hear from Youssef about his experience using DataFlow’s new VIP Virtual Assistance Service.

Why did you choose to use the VIP Virtual Assistance Service for your verification needs?

I received a really good job offer at a new hospital in Qatar and they wanted me to join before the hospital launched. As I didn’t have much time to move, I decided to select the DataFlow VIP Virtual Assistance Service for support with verifying my documents. 

How did you first hear about DataFlow’s VIP Virtual Assistance Service?

I came across the service on Facebook. I was looking online for any processes that would help me get my documents verified fast so that I could reach Qatar as quickly as possible.

Did the VIP Virtual Assistance Service meet your expectations?

It was unbelievable. It surpassed my expectations. It was very personal and I received the Primary Source Verification (PSV) report in no time. I was so happy.

How was your experience with your relationship manager?

My relationship manager took on my case and supported me throughout the whole process. He said that he was going to help me get my verification done in the shortest possible time and he did.

Would you recommend VIP Virtual Assistance Service to your colleagues, friends or family?

Yes, I would definitely recommend it. Based on my experience, I would rate the service 5 out of 5.

How has the DataFlow Group helped you throughout your professional career?

We are having a devastating financial crisis in Lebanon. As each day passed, waiting to start my job in Qatar, I was losing money like you can’t imagine. DataFlow Group allowed me to get to Qatar in the quickest time possible so I could start work and meet the team before the hospital launched.

DataFlow’s VIP Virtual Assistance Service

If you would like to make your own document verification journey as smooth as possible, this premium service can help you efficiently expedite your application for a Primary Source Verification (PSV) report. The service comes with a dedicated relationship manager to help you submit and process your PSV application online.

Visit our VIP Virtual Assistance Service page to learn more about how this new service will benefit you.

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