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The Department of Health (DOH) – Abu Dhabi has a principle set of guidelines that every aspiring healthcare candidate residing in a different country must follow to obtain a professional license to practice in the emirate. This regulatory authority is quite strict about maintaining the highest standards of healthcare services and protecting its community to safeguard against the numerous risks of fraud and malpractice. Offering assistance to public and private healthcare organizations in mitigating risks to make informed, cost-effective decisions regarding their hires, DataFlow UAE helps institutions verify application credentials at the primary source level.

Steps to apply for DOH Abu Dhabi Primary source verification (PSV) process

1. Know your healthcare domain

Check eligibility and ensure you have the required qualifications and experience as per the Professional Qualification Requirement (PQR). You will need clear scanned copies of these documents mentioned on the PQR for your profession.

2. Visit the official page for verification application

Visit the DoH’s page to start your PSV application process. If you want more information regarding the eligibility of professional qualifications to apply for jobs in Abu Dhabi, visit DoH and find the latest updates.

3. Proper segmentation of PSV application

The portal has been designed to meet the requirements of DOH Abu Dhabi by DataFlow. This link will take you to the respective web pages one after the other. Click on  ‘Apply Now’ option and enter the registration domain first.

4.  Registration

On the homepage, click on “New user” select applicant if you are applying for yourself, or Facility if you are applying for our own staff. Create a username and generate a password. if you are an applicant, you will also need to create a DOH unique identification number (UIN), if you don’t have one yet. The link to generate a UIN is available  on the same page.  A verification email will be sent to your ID with an activation link, once you click on that link, you will be recognized as a genuine applicant. Note down the generated UIN as you will need it to check the status of your application verification. If you are an existing user, simply enter your email, password and UIN to login.

5. Follow the steps

Once you enter the registration domain, you must follow the step-by-step process. When you complete each step, the webpage will redirect to a new page of the DataFlow portal for DOH Abu Dhabi.

Enter the specific information and documents as guided on the webpage. Ensure all your scanned copies of employment proofs, experience certificates, health license, renewal copies, educational qualification, etc., are clear and in the correct format and are aligned with the regulations. You will be automatically redirected to the payment gateway once you submit your application.

6. Check your status

A case registration number gets generated and sent to your email ID. Use it to log in to  to check the current status of your PSV application and download your report once ready.

These are the steps for the DataFlow UAE PSV application process you need to follow.

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