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DataFlow Primary Source Verification methodologies and advanced processes verify the credentials of professionals from the issuing source of the document, called ‘Issuing Authorities’. Apart from evaluating the genuineness of an educational institute what sets us apart is the proprietary CrossCheck database which includes a full dataset on known diploma mills and unaccredited institutions. CrossCheck, as part of our umbrella brand DataFlow tracks well-known education regulators and apex education bodies across countries, that publish lists of unaccredited  institutes in their jurisdiction. CrossCheck updates its records from these primary sources.

Why is Accreditation important in the verification of credentials/ Primary Source Verification process?

There are plenty of diploma mills floating around, selling education degrees or certificates for cash/profit. A Diploma mill (also known as a degree mill) is an organization that awards academic degrees and diplomas with substandard or no academic study and without academic approval by an officially recognised organisational body or a qualified government agency. 

Hence, Accreditation becomes paramount. Accreditation of educational institutes creates a set of quality standards for all degrees, courses or programs rendered by institutes ensuring quality education worldwide, which builds trust and confidence. 

How DataFlow checks the Accreditation status during the Primary Source Verification process?

When an institution or degree program is accredited, we are able to gauge Issuing Authority overall quality which further adds value to the overall Primary Source Verification report ensuring the quality of education attained by the applicant beyond just verification.

Accreditation Research includes:

  • Confirming the affiliation status of Issuing Authorities and the degrees rendered from Issuing Authorities
  • Confirming the affiliation status from the regulatory/affiliating bodies/Ministries
  • Confirming the degree/course affiliation status and the period in which 

With our Diploma Mills database of 9300+ records, that lists

  1. Government entities
  2. Universities not listed by the government
  3. Suspect University listing, that is universities that have no remark made by the governing bodies, our efficient team checks the accreditation status of the university/entity. 

Specialised team

DataFlow has a specialised Research Team dedicated to establishing the Accreditation/Affiliation status of Educational Institutions across the globe.

Solid expertise:

Over a period of time, DataFlow has gained expertise and knowledge regarding education systems across various countries and this knowledge is assimilated and systemized by the company.

Robust Database:

DataFlow’s CrossCheck team has over 9300 records of Unaccredited/Unrecognized Institutes across the globe that include 3500+ records where written confirmation from respective regulatory bodies has been procured.

First hand information:

The CrossCheck team also tracks and collates first hand information for all Blacklisted/Unapproved/Fake Educational Institutions published by regulatory authorities across the world to guide the client in taking informed decisions. This information is accessed through a specialised dataset “Diploma Mills and Unaccredited Issuing Authorities” available on Dataflow’s CrossCheck Database.

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