Empowering Emirati Nurses: An Inspiring Conversation with Sharifa Alameeri

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In a candid and insightful conversation, we had the privilege to connect with Sharifa Alameeri, a registered Emirati nurse at Al Qassimi Hospital in the UAE. 

Sharifa shared her journey into the world of healthcare, the challenges she faced, and how working in the UAE has shaped her personally and professionally. She opens up about her experiences, her passion for patient care, and her thoughts on the evolving role of Emirati women in the healthcare sector.

Hi, Sharifa! Please start by introducing yourself and telling us a bit about your educational background and current workplace. 

Hello! I’m Sharifa Alameeri, a registered nurse at Qassimi Hospital, one of the biggest hospitals in Sharjah, UAE. I completed my education at Higher Technology College in Sharjah.

What motivated you to choose nursing as a profession?

Nursing felt like a calling to me. I have a deep affinity for working with patients and hospitals. The opportunity to care for patients and work collaboratively with a team of professionals greatly appealed to me.

How was your experience with the documentation and verification process for your job in the UAE? 

For my job, I needed to undergo a DataFlow verification. It was a requirement by the hospital and the EHS. This process was crucial for securing my job.

How was your experience with DataFlow? Did it meet your expectations?

My experience with DataFlow was quite smooth. The communication via email streamlined the process, and I didn’t face any issues or payment troubles. It was a pleasant experience overall. 

I’d definitely recommend it to new graduates. It streamlines the job search and placement process.

How has working in the UAE as an Emirati nurse affected you personally and professionally? 

Nursing has transformed me. I used to have a short temper, but nursing taught me patience, problem-solving, and empathy. These skills have helped me not only in my career but also in my personal life.

Emirati nurse, Sharifa Alameeri
Sharifa Alameeri

What message would you give those considering a nursing career in the UAE? 

If you get the chance, don’t miss it! The country values experienced professionals, and the support from the government is remarkable. Your expertise is vital for the country’s growth.

Sharifa, have you faced many challenges working in healthcare?

Being an Emirati nurse and woman in healthcare had its challenges, especially in dealing with male patients and colleagues due to cultural considerations. However, I’ve seen positive changes over the years, making teamwork, adaptability, and professionalism key.

How has your family supported your nursing career?

My family, including my father and husband, has been incredibly supportive. Even when I got married during my studies, they stood by me. Their encouragement has been invaluable.

How do you see the role of Emirati women evolving in healthcare?

Emirati women are embracing opportunities in healthcare like never before. We’re becoming more adaptable and open-minded. My message to fellow Emirati women is to break barriers, explore opportunities, and contribute to the sector’s growth.

Lastly, any message for Emirati women considering non-traditional job roles?

To all Emirati women, don’t hold back or be scared! Pursue your dreams, seize opportunities, and challenge cultural boundaries. Just do it! 

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