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The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) ensures that residents and visitors in the Emirate of Dubai receive the highest standards of healthcare services. All international healthcare professionals must have a DHA license to practice healthcare anywhere in Dubai, including physicians, dentists, allied healthcare, nurses/midwives, and those working in traditional, complementary, and alternative medicine. 

Although the license exam may be daunting, passing it brings you one step closer to becoming a healthcare professional in the Emirate. With preparation and guidance, you can confidently approach the exam with an understanding of the requirements and improve your chances of success.   

This blog shares all the necessary DHA exam requirements and tips to prepare applicants for the assessment day.  

What is the DHA license exam?

The exam is an approximate 2-hour computer-based test (CBT) managed and run by DHA’s partner, Prometric, an independent examination board. The assessment tests applicants’ medical knowledge of their field across 100-150 questions to prove they can safely practice healthcare.  

Exam results are scored on a pass or failed grade based on the Unified Healthcare Professional Requirements (PQR) criteria and the DHA Licensing Healthcare Professionals policy. In addition, applicants will need a minimum score of 60%-70% (depending on the test) to pass. So if you didn’t quite make it, don’t worry. Fortunately, applicants are allowed 3 attempts for the exam.  

How To Apply for the Exam

Step 1  

Before registering for the DHA license exam, new applicants must use the free Self Assessment Tool on the Sheryan portal. This quick service instantly checks if applicants meet the PQR to work in a DHA-licensed healthcare facility. Just make sure you provide the correct information about your qualifications and experience.

Applicants should log in or create a DHA account to get  their results. If the outcome is ‘not eligible’, you may apply for a ‘Review Registration Eligibility’ for your qualifications.

Step 2  

At this stage, applicants must submit essential documents such as their qualifications and experience, and apply for a Primary Source Verification (PSV) with DataFlow. Fixed packages are available:: Doctors (1,235 AED) and Nurses/Allied Healthcare (935 AED). Additional certificates may have extra charges

To avoid delays, start the PSV process early, as it takes 15-24 working days to receive your DataFlow report. Without this report, you won’t be able to proceed with your DHA license application. DHA delete draft applications that are inactive for over 6 months.  

Step 3   

While submitting documents for a PSV, applicants can schedule their exam via the Prometric website. When booking, you may need to provide information, including your contacts and test details. Depending on which test you take, you will also need to pay a fee of 220 USD – 280 USD.

The good news is that Prometric’s test centers are conveniently located worldwide, with 8,000 test centers in 160 countries. This allows applicants to register, schedule, and take exams in their home country. So even if there’s no testing site in your immediate vicinity, there’s still a good chance there’s one nearby. Just keep in mind that DHA exams are only available in English. 

What’s in the exam?  

The exam syllabus depends on your job role and the type of license you are applying for. The exams cover roles including:  

  • Nurses   
  • General Practitioners   
  • Physicians   
  • Dentist   
  • Doctors   
  • Lab technician  
  • Physiotherapists   

Each syllabus covers different topics with a score percentage weightage for each. Therefore, it’s essential to take the time to fully understand the exam pattern – how many questions are in the exam and how long you have to take it, as well as the topics the exam covers.

How To Ace the DHA License Exam   

Here are some practical steps and guidance on preparing for the DHA exam.   

You must study

Prepare for the exam with online research or explore study materials. As a qualified healthcare professional, you can also recall your practical experience. Furthermore, explore coaching centers specializing in courses for international healthcare workers like you.  

Look at previous exams

Study DHA licensing exams from previous years allows you to test your knowledge and see which areas you may need to focus on. Next, set a timer, see how long it takes to complete the exam and create time management strategies to solve every question. To get the most benefit from this, try to answer the questions without researching the answers.  

Take a mock practice exam

You’ve put in the time and effort to research and study for your upcoming exam, but how do you know if you’re ready? An official practice mock exam can help with this. A high pass rate can help boost your confidence. On the other hand, if you don’t pass, don’t worry – it simply highlights areas you need to focus on in your final days of preparation.   

Prepare for the assessment day

  • Prometric asks applicants to arrive 30 minutes before the exam. Ahead of the exam day, locate the test center and give yourself plenty of time to get there on exam day, accounting for any unexpected delays.   
  • Don’t forget to double-check what you’ll need to take with you, whether that’s ID or forms.   
  • Review the guidelines for any supporting materials you can take into the test.
  • Finally, be sure you get a good night’s sleep so you have energy for the big day.  


The exam is essential for international healthcare professionals to get a DHA license to practice in Dubai. Once you pass the exam and get your DataFlow PSV report, you can complete your registration for a license. By understanding the DHA requirements and preparing for the exam, healthcare professionals can get a license and enjoy a fulfilling and rewarding career in one of the most dynamic cities in the world.  

Ready to take your healthcare career to Dubai?  

DataFlow can help you get there! Verify your important documents quickly and easily with us today to sail through your Dubai Health Authority application.

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