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Sudan, a country full of talent and numerous universities, faculties and institutes, however, has remained challenging for us due to political unrest. The massive force majeure has not been favourable to our services – stalling the process of verifications. In the period from October to January, we have had various challenges, yet we had a successful journey, which resulted in obtaining verification for more than 11,000 applications — generation of PSV reports for all those applicants.

How did we strategize our resources and capabilities to achieve results?

Our approach encompassed:

Robust Research:

Our dedicated resources explored various online and offline channels to connect with IA officials and attained contact details so that they can collaboratively work on a solution with them to close the applications. 

Long-term Relationship with Issuing Authorities:

Leveraging our long-standing relationship with the universities and institutes in Sudan, we were able to connect with their team during the time when the internet connection was limited and collaborate effectively to process pending documents.

Persistent Communication:

Our team established solid and steady communication with the Issuing Authorities which helped the officials to resolve our queries and verify documents. The most impactful outcome of our continuous communication was that not even a single application was tagged as “unable to Verify’.

In nutshell, in spite of unparalleled challenges, DataFlow continued to demonstrate its grit and commitment toward its end goal and reimagined the approach and processes to achieve the same.

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    The DataFlow Group is a global provider of Primary Source Verification (PSV) and background screening solutions. Our mission is to help organizations identify fraudulent credentials in potential hires and mitigate risks. We also are dedicated to supporting applicants through the PSV process. By leveraging innovative technology along with our expansive network of more than 100,000 issuing authorities around the world, the DataFlow Group ensures every document submitted is verified for accuracy according to global industry best practices and Joint Commission International (JCI) guidelines.

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