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If you think you may need to Appeal your DataFlow Primary Source Verification (PSV) application report, here’s some helpful guidance to help you understand what a DataFlow Appeal is, if you’re eligible and how to submit an Appeal. 

What does an Appeal mean?  

An Appeal is when an applicant disagrees with the result of the report and wants to re-verify the same document(s) initially submitted in their DataFlow application.   

Why do Appeals usually occur?  

Appeals occur when DataFlow is unable to confirm the authenticity of the credentials of an applicant. The most common reasons for this are, but are not limited to: 


  • The issuing authority of the documents states that it was not issued by them or were tampered
  • The issuing authority is not accredited or operating illegally

Unable to Verify (UTV)

  • Verification results could not be obtained due to non-disclosure policies or non-cooperative authorities
  • Issuing Authorities could not be contacted to do unforeseeable circumstances such as political unrest, national disasters, strikes, etc.

Am I eligible to Appeal?  

You may be eligible to apply for an Appeal if your application status is ‘Discrepancy’ or ‘Unable to Verify’. To check the status of your application, please visit the application portal at www.dataflowstatus.com.  

NOTE: If the status of your report is Unable to Verify due to insufficient information – DataFlow did not receive from your end the required documents or details required by the Issuing authorities to disclose the result, then a free-of-charge Appeal is not applicable. Instead, you may submit the document(s) directly under the ‘Additional Document’ section of the applicant portal. You will need to pay the associated fee as per the Issuing Authority.  

Can I apply for an Appeal with a different document?  

No, this will not be considered an Appeal. An Appeal is only when an applicant wants to re-verify any original documents submitted in their application. 

To verify a new document(s) that was not part of your original application, select the regular you previously applied under and upload the document under the ‘Additional Document’ section of the applicant portal and pay the associated fee as per the Issuing Authority.  

How much time do I have to request an Appeal?  

You can request an Appeal for free once within 180 calendar days of the date the DataFlow report is issued showing an ‘Unable to Verify’ or ‘Discrepancy’ status. Charges will be applied to any Appeals submitted and considered after this time.

Please note: For the Ministry of Education UAE (MOE UAE) application, applicants must submit requests within 90 days of the DataFlow report issued date.  

How do I submit an Appeal?

First, log in to the applicant portal at www.dataflowstatus.com

Secondly, enter your DataFlow case or reference number and registered passport number on the portal. 

Finally, click ‘File an Appeal’ and upload any supporting document(s) or additional information.  

If you are not eligible for an Appeal, a message will appear on your screen with a reason for ineligibility. If you still need clarity or have any concerns regarding the eligibility of your Appeal submission, please raise a support ticket via the DataFlow Support Centre for further assistance.

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