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The Definitive Guide to Primary Source Verification

This article is a comprehensive guide to Primary Source Verification - also commonly referred to as PSV. Here you’ll learn everything you need to know about this leading screening approach and why it is fast becoming organizations’ preferred method for confirming the genuineness of countless types of documents.

Document Forgery: United Kingdom

Countless incidents involving credential forgery within the healthcare sector have been recorded in the United Kingdom, causing health institutions of all types to incur financial losses, regulatory implications, reputational damage and, most importantly, internal risks.

Why is Primary Source Verification the Next Big Thing among Healthcare Organizations?

The answer is simple! In today’s highly competitive landscape, hospitals and healthcare institutions at large are placing a special focus on hiring exceptionally talented people, whether they be doctors, nurses, technicians, anesthetists, administrative staff and so on. Recognizing this, an increasing number of underqualified and dishonest individuals have been going to great lengths to embellish or even forge their academic credentials or professional experiences in order to unethically stand out from the crowd.

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